Sound interrupt for a second after 30 seconds of playing.

Hi all,

I have an issue with Cubase 8 pro, which I do not have with Cubase 5.

I recently upgraded to Cubase 8 pro from 5 and loaded last night one of the tracks I made with Cubase 5. It has about 10 channels (6 instruments + 4 audio) as I just started with it, but when I play all the channels together within Cubase after about 30 seconds the sound completely stops (continues to play silently) and after a second (maybe 2) it comes back again.

I checked my VST performance bar but it’s constantly under 25% and during the interruption there’s no peak in it.

I then recreated the track from scratch and again the same problems. At about every 30 seconds the sound interrupts for a second, continues to play and 30 seconds later again the same thing. I disabled my channels 1 by 1 but the problem continues to happen.

My buffer is set at 512 (and changed it also to check if it’s was the issue), but if it would be this then I should have constantly the interruption, right?

Anyone have any idea?


Does it always happen in exactly the same place in the project?