Sound interruption when loading plugins

A very unpleasant feature is the sound interruption when loading plugins during project playback. I would like to draw the attention of the developers to this. It seems to me that Cubase is almost the only sequencer in which this question is not thought out.

a new insert in the signal chain will need a difference in the delay latency compensation
that interrupts audio

I do not argue that it takes some programmer work to eliminate this behavior. However, this problem has been solved by developers in most modern DAWs (Studio One; Reaper; Bitwig; Reason Studio, etc.). While a new instrument or processing plug-in is loaded, playback does not stop or interfere with the creative process.

Is it really key to have no interrupted playback? I mean, where does it interfere your creative process, as I assume that when you selected a new plugin or create a new instrument track, this is your current activity. Maybe I’m just to unexperienced in my workflow, but I do not see this beyond nice to have.

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Good point