sound is cut off when playing back first time after WL opens

As title says - each time I open WL 8.5 and plays a file the first part of the file is not played back. Only happens once. After that everything is fine. Anybody else experiencing that?

Macbook Pro Retina mid 2015 2,8 gHz - happens with both internal soundcard and Fireface 800

tested various buffer settings without any major change

Do you mean the 1st time you start playback after launching WaveLab?


If this option is unchecked, you should not have this problem. No?
2015-12-23 16_33_42.png

Same whether checked or not I’m afraid - I think at one time I noticed a difference when I put the soundcard buffers at its highest otherwise nothing seems to change it. Never experienced this with earlier versions and I’ve been onboard since 5 :slight_smile: first Mac though