Sound issue after switching to a new computer

I just got a new iMac computer. After migrating from the old one, playback of sounds from Dorico would only come out of the speakers in the computer. All the settings seem to be correct as far a selecting input and output devices, and all other sounds and apps do pass the audio to the headphone jack, which I have connected to an amp and speakers. It’s only Dorico that refuses to be cooperative.

I tried creating an “aggregate device,” and somehow that allowed the sound to go out through the headphone jack, but now the volume keys on the keyboard don’t affect the volume at all; only by adjusting the volume on the mixer is the volume of Dorico’s output affected.

Everything worked as expected on the old computer, and I didn’t change anything. Of course, the old computer was running the previous OS, and the new one is running Sonoma. Is there something I am missing?

If you choose in the Device Setup dialog the Built-in Audio as ASIO driver and then click on the Device Control Panel button, in that little window, is the option checked for Automatically Configure Device ?

That did the trick. It was set to automatically configure, but for some reason the headphone out box was unchecked. I checked, it, and things now work as expected. Thanks!

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