Sound Issue Guitar Rig 6 and others

Hey folks,
I’ve been making music for quite some time and have a little home recordings studio as well as my PC setup at home to write songs.

So far I never had problems creating a nice guitar tone for my rock and pop projects, using Guitar Rig 5 and 6. Now I want to do a nice death metal tone. I have downloaded various presets for Guitar Rig as well as Helix Native…

They NEVER sound like the guys demoing them in the videos. It’s scratchy, way too distorted and just awful.

I’ve tried reducing the input / output volumes on the preams, played around with EQing out anything beyond 9K Hz, tried different guitars. I just can’t get a heavy death metal tone.

Studio Setup:
Guitar > DI Box > Tube Preamp > Behringer X32 > PC with Cubase 10

Home Setup:
Guitar > Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 > PC

Any tip is appreciated, as I have tried many things and I’m running out of ideas.