Sound Issue in CUBASE 5 VST 32 & Alesis Photon 25

Hello to all,

Reason for writing this is as per the subject. For all the years (since 2005) iam using one of the oldest versions of Cubase, 5 VST 32 and recently i am not able to listen any sound from my midi USB Photon 25 Alesis. I have not made any changes so one day it decided not to perform where everything else is working perfectly.
The PC operates under windows 7 starter version.

I have checked and updated the driver of the midi, i have changed its cable, tried other hubs but still it does not work. Power of the midi is always on and whenever i open the pc it reads it clearly. Moreover i downloaded the brochure of the midi and i did some further resets without any help.

As far as the settings in the software i have them as they were before, midi setups “input photon or the soundcard (Audio 8 dj / native instruments)” and “output microsoft GS Wavetable” but still without any result. In addition the leds in the player in/out sometimes are displaying with touching the nobs with an extreme delay but again without any sound and some times are not displaying at all.

In advance i know that the software is very old but for me is very convenient, if there could be any assistance i would appreciate. I am not certain if the problem comes from the midi or the software but this setup is working together (pc, cubase + photon) for the last 4 years.

In my home country i have the same software in windows XP where recently i purchased an Alesis Q49 and it red it without even touching anything.

Thanks in advance

For the record, since i thought that someone would reply in this forum, the problem was from the keyboard, it died while trying to update its flash memory and another one was purchased which is working perfectly.