Sound issues.. mind boggled.. Help?

Hello everyone,

Trying to use my brand new Steinberg UR22MKII with my P85 keyboard as a controller.

I was having issues hearing audio previews in Instrument VST keyroll through my headphones (Plugged in to my regular headphone jack in my sound card). I was able to fix this issue by going into Devices -> VST Audio System and switched my ASIO driver to the Generic one. When I do this… I can’t hear any other audio on my PC (videos, etc) unless I switch the ASIO back.

I bought the UR22MKII with a Midi cable. I have a P85 Digital piano with Midi in/out on it.
All I want to do is try my hand at making some midi music (video game style), but I’m completely unable to get anything to work.

I guess my question is… am I unable to use my headphone jack to listen to my recordings?
Second question… Under MIDI Controllers, I see all kinds of brands for keyboards… but mine isn’t there.
Then again, I’m not even sure if I have it plugged in correctly (Midi out from keyboard to Midi-in on the Steinberg.

Would anyone be willing to lend a hand to a digital music making newbie? I’ve read, searched, played around with… I’m usually quite tech savvy but this is burning my brain. I still have time to return the device… but I would rather not (of course.)

Anyways thanks!

For a start you should be able to do all the things you want using the UR22MKII and it’s own headphone output. You should use this for monitoring all sound on headphones. I use an RME Fireface UC and can do all that I want. Having selected the ASIO driver you will need to go into the control panel . Hardaware and Sound > Sound > Playback and select your UR22MKII.

I don’t know whether the UR22MKII has it’s own mixer to adjust balances etc -you will be able to find out about that.

As silhouette says, you should definitely be able to use UR22MKII using its own headphone out. It’s designed for this very use by Steinberg. I had an earlier version and had no issues. Are there not set-up instructions with the UR22?

You should be using the UR22 for all inputs and outputs and its dedicated ASIO driver. Getting everything set-up initially is not totally intuitive, however!

You can connect the MIDI keyboard to the UR22, it sounds like you have the connections correct. The UR22 needs to be connected to the computer with its USB cable obviously.

This might be more easily solved by breaking the issues down into separate questions.

Thanks guys!
I’ve got everything up and running!

Last question (hopefully): I never realized how… inconsistent I was with my rhythms lol…
When I double click on a recorded Instrument VST and go in the Editor, I’m able to change the volume of individual notes. But I can’t move them around (Spacing/Time interval between notes) or modify them? Click on them either deletes them or changes the volume. Any hotkeys that I am missing here? Or a feature that I should be using?

You Can quantize notes, or simply drag them. Depending on if Snap is On and at what value it is set to snap to (bar, beat, 1/4 and so on).
I would suggest watching some tutorials on YouTube, a good start is