Sound Issues

Even though I’ve had Cubase Artist 8 on my computer for a few months now, I hadn’t yet tried it until now. I procrastinated because I was a bit overwhelmed, confused as what to do.

I first finally got around to watching the 12 Cubase 8 starter instructional videos. And that excited me to finally give it a try now!

However, I’m not getting any sound at all. :frowning: And I’ve been trying everything I could think of to get any sound.

After watching the 12 starter instructional videos I have a better idea of how to fiddle some with the adjustments. But they don’t really troubleshoot, or deal much with unforeseen situations.

I can’t find anything in the the manual about sound issues, or anywhere else, but to no avail. (Perhaps it’s somewhere and I just can’t locate it, for the manual so large!)

I’ve tried listening to sound on headphones though my Steinberg US22 audio interface, as well as hooking up the 1/4" lt & rt outputs in the back–to amped speakers, Also, of course, my computer speakers do not respond.

Under the Device settings I have switched and re-switched around the settings to many different ways just hoping something would work. I have tried setting it to my computer’s sound card driver, as well as to the US22.

I’ve also made sure the drivers are updated for all of these devices.

Thanks for your help!

David E

Did you set up input and output options under VST Connections? Page 21 of the manual

I think I got the sound to work now. I installed another ASIO driver for Windows 8.1 called ASIO4ALL. Yet I’m not even sure that was the issue.

I think I’m just new to all of this. It could be the sound wasn’t working because there wasn’t any actual instrument or pattern loaded, although I was clicking on instruments or drum patterns and lights and measurements were reacting to it.

Again, I’m new!

And I even hesitate to say the issue is solved actually. For all of this is a bit overwhelming still.

I read how Cubase is more complicated than other DAWs. But I chose Cubase, not caring so much about this, because I have an older MIDI Synth Workstation (Korg X3) with past music already on it.

Also, I’m interested in tablature (scoring) and many intricate serious musical features other DAWs didn’t have.

But my issue is just getting started with it all. If I could ever learn this thing it would be great!

ASIO4ALL isn’t the solution to your problem unless you are relying on the stock audio device on you computer that has no ASIO driver of its own. ASIO4ALL is a generic, all purpose, ASIO diver designed for systems that offer no ASIO driver. But you have a Steinberg US22 audio interface which should have its own ASIO driver installed and which is far better.

Using ASIO4lLL on a pro level Audio Interface is a bit like taking your professional football team down the park for a game. It’s better than nothing but it’s not good.


Thanks for the head’s up.

I was only trying anything i could think of. I know little about these things (obviously).

Yeah, I didn’t think that was the issue.

But I’m not using the driver with the Audio Interface (at least I don’t think I am).

I’m not using my Interface atm. For I was just trying to work on getting sound.

I believe you can have one driver for you interface, and another for your computer speakers, or am I wrong?

You can, but you would have to select it within Cubase. Cubase will only allow one ASIO driver at a time.

Certainly you can so long as you experience no conflicts between the two drivers, which appears to be less of a problem now than it was 10 years a go.

But really, if you have a pro level audio interface there is no reason why you can’t use that for everything. I’ve been using the same audio interface for 11 years, over several computers, and the first thing I always do, is disable the on board audio in the bios.

A pro level interface is just superior in every way. If you had a top of the range video device fitted you wouldn’t use that for just gaming and then switch to the on board video for everything else, would you?