Sound Libraries for HALion 5 on patchpool

Hi all,

I just wanted to share with you, that I released my first sound- and sample library Sonic Cinema for HALion 5 today on my website patchpool. Please find more info about this library on the product page.

Two hours of audio demos can be found here:

On my youtube channel there are about 20 HALion 5-videos demonstrating patches from Sonic Cinema. These videos are also embedded on the product page.

Thank’s for reading

Simon Stockhausen


Again what?

Sleepless nights can lead to calm impros, here is one I just did using the Sonic cinema patch “Ebow Estrings Split KS” - live on tape so to speak:

Here comes a video trailer for this sound library:

Amazing stuff!

Cheers :slight_smile:

i’ve bought the symponic vst instrument for padshop from patchpool and this is really great stuff.
I would want this package too, but it is only halion 5. Is there a way to make it compatible with Halion Sonic 2? (full version)
(Halion Sonic 2 has more or less the same the same structure as Halion 5 but without the sampler engine)

kind regards,

Unfortunately only Steinberg can release sounds for HS2, there is currently no access for 3rd party devs like me.

There is a 22% discount on this sound library for one week until May 23. If you use the share*it link, enter discount code “cinema” on checkout.


Just a heads up, this library goes back to it’s normal price tomorrow night.

FYI: Sonic Cinema is currently discounted at 25% in the interactive Black Friday Sale on patchpool, where users can vote for discount items. The discount may even rise to 30%, so check it out.

So what news about the strings (cinematic) for HALion ?

No news really, I’ll wait what the next HALion update brings on the table and then release more libraries for it.
Instead I just released Ambient Strings for MachFive 3, which uses quite a lot of scripting, building my own interfaces and embedding a snapshot system in the scripted patches.

Well, he put a link to a post made one year ago that was announcing the same sample library.

And you’re quoting me 10 months later, that’s what I call a lag :slight_smile:

Did you hear any news regarding the next update of Halion? It was so silence about it for quite some time that I’m afraid it won’t happen anytime soon… if ever. :unamused:

Even if I knew something specific, I couldn’t write about it here, but sure, HALion is one of their flagships which got a massive overhaul with version 5 and there will be more updates and improvements in the future.

I really like the Sonic Cinema sound, it complements the latest groove agent kit with similair name well. I’ll better start shooting some film so I can score some music to it.

Thank’s for the nice feedback! Maybe I should bundle this library with HD video cams and apps like Final Cut :smiley: