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Rather than creating a new thread, I changed the thread title and will mention all my HALion-libraries in the current on.

I just released my second library for the one and only HALion 5:

Aureus Ventus - Golden Wind - is a unique library for HALion 5 which combines flute with all sorts of achromatic and chromatic percussion instruments like Hang percussion, various chimes (also glass chimes), glockenspiel, gongs, crotales, bells, singing bowls, some deep drums, break drums (steel break discs) and more.

The flute sounds for this library are created by using a special playing technique named Pars-Pro-Toto, invented by german flutist Andreas Mazur who also performed the samples used in Aureus Ventus. He found a method to create beautiful and expressive flute sounds by playing on the single parts of a conventional flute using special fingerings and embouchure techniques. This yields sounds somewhere in between a shakuhachi, an okarina, a viola and a voice, hard to describe in words really…

Multi-sampled bass flute instruments, some vocal and string sounds and temposynced percussion loops are also included in this library.

In addition to the above a wealth of electronic derivatives create a counterpoint to the acoustic sound worlds. Tonal soundscapes, ethereal tinkles, warm and ominous drones, minimal sequences, lush pads and other fascinating textures created with programs like Kaleidoscope, crusherX, Metasynth, GRM Tools, Serum and Zynaptiq’s Morph are layered with the acoustic sounds to create expressive instruments.

Many of the patches make use of HALion’s exceptional granular engine, it’s deep sample player and the synth engine, often layering or splitting different synthesis forms in one patch with key- switchable articulations or sound-combinations and round robin alternations.

All of the 108 patches have the 8 Quick Controls and the Modulation Wheel assigned, many also use Aftertouch and/or HALion’s Sphere-modulator, some make use of the Flex Phraser and Trigger Pads.

You can view/download the PDF for Aureus Ventus with more details, the licence agreement and a patch list including playing tips and detailed descriptions for each patch here.

Aureus Ventus is distributed as a HALion vstsound-archive for the sample content and tagged vst-presets.


  • *108 patches
    *3.99 GB of original samples
    *Delivery: download
    *Price (paypal): € 68 EUR
    •All acoustic instrument-samples in this library were recorded with 3 Neumann microphones in L-C-R at 48 Khz/24 Bit, a U87 as the center mic and a stereo set of KM 184 for L-R, in some scenarios a Shure KSM 141 substituted the U87 and sometimes 4 mics were used simultaneously.
    *All microphone signals are phase-aligned

Please note: the full version of HALion 5 is required to play the patches from this library.

More info and pictures of some of the sampled instruments can be found on the product page.

All demos were produced entirely with HALion5 using only patches from Aureus Ventus, no post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the outputs and some volume automation, if several instances of HALion were used in a track. More audio demos are coming soon…

Videos for this library can be found in this youtube playlist:

Thank’s for reading!
Simon Stockhausen

Very interesting stuff. :wink:


Here is a first video for this library displaying the patch Crotales Flute:

A dark ambient soundtrack composed on a Sunday evening using two new HALion 5-patches from Aureus Ventus, nothing else:

New demo: two new patches from this library in one dark ambient march, both are split patches, that’s why you hear so many sounds from only 2 presets.

On Sunday I had another great recording session with the flute player Andreas Mazur, this playing technique he invented (Pars-pro-Toto) really produces some totally beautiful and amazing flute sounds I’ve never heard before. I will start cutting/editing the new samples tomorrow and patchify them asap. Stay tuned…

This new demo features 3 HALion 5-patches from Aureus Ventus, all the flute phrases were played on the combination of the middle and the bottom part of the flute without the mouthpiece (Pars-pro-Toto technique invented by Andreas Mazur). I preserved all microtonal things, the phrases can be coarse- and finetuned with Macros, sample start can be altered with another Macro, then there will be a second key-switchable granular layer where you can also determine sample speed. I haven’t cut all of the phrases from the second recording session yet, there is more to come, and also we recorded single notes with all possible pitches from that combination. The background sounds (also the choir-like pad) in the demo are flutes mixed with bowed crotales and electronic derivatives of bowed singing bowls.

and here is a video for Granular Flute Flaps:

Here comes a rather epic demo using two new patches from Aureus Ventus. The gong patch uses samples I made by scanning my wind gong with a S57 very closely after attacking it with a soft beater capturing all these amazing overtones, the mono signal was processed with a slow Uhbik stereo tremolator so the drone moves around your head. A U87 and a Sure KSM 141 both running in omnidirectional mode are picking up the stereo image from about 60 cm distance. There are 2 key-switchable versions, one using 4 velocities and the other one using 3x round robins with soft attacks only, the sustained drones are crossfade-loope so you can bathe in them for hours :slight_smile:

The string sounds were made from cello, violin and Kaleidoscope sources, a multi-zone granular patch.

Here comes a demo combining two new patches which make use of samples, shaking rubber balls inside the Hang instrument, creating those fascinating pentatonic textures. One patch uses two of those textures layered with their electronic derivatives, one pair on each side of the keyboard, all samples playing in granular mode with sample speed control and other granular goodies, filter stuff, FX etc.

The other patch uses all 4 of those texture split across the keyboard in normal sampling mode, 2 octaves each, plenty of controls for filtering, pan modulation, FX etc are available.

There is an audio demo:

…and a video showing all the automation I did in LogicX, automating the Macros, the Sphere, Aftertouch and the Modwheel.

Here comes a demo for the patch Break Drums 4Vel 3RR, which uses samples of these 4 break discs:

I transposed each of the 4 sampled pitches up and down, making for 240 keyzones altogether in HALion 5, so that you get a 4 octave instrument with 4 velocity layers and 3x round robin. All controllers and Macros were used in the demo, tweaking them on the fly in several passes after jamming in/editing the Midi notes. Everything you hear is Halion, nothing else.

Four new HALion 5-patches from Aureus Ventus in this ambient groove demo, one of the bass patches uses processed timpani sounds, the main pluck sound is made from a lip/embouchure sample from the flute player, the pads/drones are all derived from flute sounds:

Here are some close-ups of the different flute combos from the Pars-pro-Toto technique used in this library, invented by Andreas Mazur:

Still so much to record, edit, cut and patchify, but it will be a great collection of instruments and ambiences in this library. ETA now is May 30th.

And here comes an epic soundtrack.demo featuring a handful of fresh patches from Aureus Ventus, also highlighting several “Whale Drum” sounds, made from rubbing a giant ocean drum and some concert toms with differently sized rubber balls which makes for some amazing sub-bass frequencies and moaning mayhem.

Here comes a demo for the HALion 5-patch “Mellow Flute Pad” from Aureus Ventus, using several multisampled high flutes played on the combination of middle and bottom part of the flute (non vibrato for velocities up to 90, vibrato for velocities above 75, velocity crossfade is engaged), and in the low register there is a big bass flute swell, all samples play in granular mode, a synth pad is layered in a second layer (it has a volume Macro assigned). I am using all the Macros and controllers (Modwheel/Aftertouch) in the video. This patch is really nice and warm, and so expressive…

Three finalized patches in one slightly mysterious night improvisation. Improvised with each patch in three passes altogether, then added more Macro/Controller automation in 3 additional passes. HALion rocks!

Bassflute Hamonics meet Brake Drum Clusters, another 2 finalized patches:

Here is a video in which I explaining the patch “Pars-Pro-Toto-Flute 2” which uses chromatically sampled notes with non-vibrato and vibrato, and you can crossfade between the two using the Modwheel. Some notes also have up to 3 round robin alternations, depending on the available alternations in the scale inventend by the flute player Andres Mazur (he wrote a whole published book about this technique with chromatic scales and flap-images for each note, so that everybody who dares can actually learn this ). Everything else is explaind in the video…

Finished this bass flute patch today, 6 notes per octave sampled between B1 - C4, long swelling and decaying notes with an accent, 2x round robin each, you can shift the sample start of the swells towards the beginning of the vibrato phase with the Modwheel, skipping the very soft attack phase, so that you can also play faster vibrato lines. The other patch is Flute Particles, combining layered granular flutes with a HALion synth module.

Improvised in two passes:

and something from last night, 3 patches in this dark ambient demo track:

Here is a bunch of finalized patches in one slightly world music inspired, ambient soundtrack, including a crotales sequencer, granular bassflutes, deep drums, a lead flute (the Pars-Pro-Toto-flute explained in the video above) and a sound bowl synth.

A video explaining/demonstrating the granular patch “Mysterious Flute Scanner” which is basically 3 keyswitchable patch variations in one preset:

A rather epic ambient track featuring three finalized patches from this library. I am now at 101 patches and roughly 4 GB of samples, on Tuesday there shall be the sample lock, it’s already a huge library.

Another rather elaborate video explaining three more patches from Aureus Ventus:

I am now at 107 presets and 4 GB of samples, and I’m forcing myself to stop it now :slight_smile: