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As a composer who primarily writes for wind band, I need sounds that are somewhat realistic. I’m not trying to create performance quality recordings, but I would like to offer sound files to prospective clients and conductors that aren’t filled with distracting sounds… I’ve posted a couple of questions about this and many have made great recommendations. However, I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with ComposerCloud + from EastWest. Is it worth the subscription? Is it easy to use?
Any input is greatly appreciated!

I used it for a long time. IMO Brass is one of the nicest, and there are lots of choices for things like the number of clarinets in a section, etc. It is reasonably easy to use if I take your word at not trying to create performance quality records. But for me getting that last mile(s) to broadcast quality with EWQL is just plain hard.

It sounds like you would not use most of the libraries (concentrating on Hollywood Orchestra) so you might run the numbers on whether a subscription or individual libraries makes the most sense for you.

I love Dorico, but the Halion sounds leave a lot to be desired, especially percussion. I just want to get some decent suspended cymbals and pitched percussion sounds especially. Can I get those from EWQL Hollywood Orchestra? Someone also suggested Note Performer; what are your thoughts there? I really appreciate your advice!

Note Performer is good - no setup required - effortless in implementation and produces good results from the get go. Quality of sound library could be improved, but if what you want is a good enough mock-up then Note Performer is the way to go IMHO

Edit: come to think of it, Note Performer is recommended with such regularity on these forums that I’m surprised no music notation software company has teamed up with its creator to write their sound engine…

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it’s pretty hard to miss the threads on NotePerformer. This extensive one Praise for NotePerformer - #166 by TylerE shows that the subject can give rise to heated debate and it provides countless examples of comparisons with alternatives.

Decent suspended cymbal and pitched percussion - for sure in EWQL. I should have added that percussion is another EWQL strong point, in that I’ve so far not found another library that is anywhere close to the range of percussion instruments. You have orchestral and marching percussion, but you also have the obsessive and sometimes obscure collection of percussion sampled in Storm drums 1, 2, and 3. The Harp is sampled in far more detail that anything else I’ve used, and it has vibes, different marimba, glock…

In general - the price is pretty good right now, and if you are the type of composer which writes individually for each instrument and care very much about bass clarinets and such (rather than treating orchestration as a separate concern, then EWQL is a top choice IMO.

Here is my “but” though. It is not easy at all to get a lush cinematic sound or highly detailed performances out of it though it is certainly capable. In comparison to some others, it is more on you than it is in some other libraries to be the mixer. If as you say, you don’t need performance quality - then I think you will like its more extensive palette.

Depends on your focus as a composer too. Using Spitfire as an example, Abbey Road strings sound make-you-cry gorgeous just pulling up the faders - but the cost for that professionally mixed lush sound is that it really isn’t intended for you to write for every instrument or player individually. You have to think more in “choirs” like low brass, low reeds, horns, trumpets. Those pre-mixed sections are very fast to work with when you want to focus on harmonies, melodies, rythmn, etc. But if you want into the orchestration weeds, then you’d use something like Spitfires BBC orchestra which puts you more in the place of EWQL as far as now being required to mix that sound.

Thanks for your input on this question; I ended up getting the trial version of NotePerformer and by the end of the day, I had purchased it. For me, it works well and you were right, it worked right out of the box with no setup required. Thanks again for your help!