Sound loss using Midi on Cubase 11

Using Midi loops and any midi I am getting no sound on playback I’m on an iMac with ample memory and storage. My loops are playing back as the Mix console is showing movement on the levels but I am getting no audio to my phones or output on my Steinberg interface. I am using Cubase 11 Pro. This only occurs on midi loops which I have purchased. I am using Nectar 61 as my keyboard which works fine. As I record a lot of orchestral music for tv and film it is bloody annoying when I cannot playback any midi files which have been loaded.


What is the output of the MIDI/Instrument track, where do you or the MIDI Loop in, please?

Sorry I do not understand your question which is no relevant anyway as I think I have resolved the problem myself with a bit of forward thinking. But thanks for your interest anyway


I’m glad you sorted it out.

Could you share the solution, if anyone else would come across the same issue, please?