Sound Not Outputting Through Anything Except Speakers

Hi all,

I am on the trial version of Dorico Pro (v. on a Macbook Pro, and I cannot get my sound to play out of any device except for the built in speakers.

When ever I plug headphones in (through the headphone jack), my computer detects it perfectly fine and switches the system (and any other application) to play sound through the headphones, but Dorico completely ignores that the headphones are plugged in.

For context, I was having audio problems earlier where I was getting no sound at all, but I seemed to fix that. Also, inside the Audio Device Setup panel, I have two options for Built-in Audio, but they both seem to do the same thing as far as I can tell. I’m not sure if either of those things are related or not.



Welcome to the forum, Nicholas3471. You need to create an aggregate device in Audio MIDI Setup that combines both your headphones (as outputs 1/2) and the Mac’s speaker (as outputs 3/4), and then choose that aggregate device in Dorico’s Device Setup dialog. The procedure for creating the aggregate device is described here.

Problem fixed, thank you both!

Is there a solution for windows ?

Can you be a bit more specific about your problem, Anthony france? The situation on Windows is different because no Windows computers have comparable audio hardware to current generation Macs. You should probably start by checking the playback troubleshooting advice in the FAQ thread, which includes a useful video.