Hi there,

I bought a Steinberg UR22 not long ago and when i’m testing out my Rode Nt1-A Microphone when plug it in, it does not work very well. I tried different app to record my voice but none work (Imovie, Garageband)… that was mac but then i switched to window to see if it work (Audacity, Recording studio) still nothing pick up. What i did was I plug my audio interface into my laptop, then the xlr to both end from the microphone into the interface, i did what everyone does but its not working for me.

I decided to record it anyway and post this audio on youtube and see if you guys know what is happening to my audio, is it my interface or microphone.

Don’t mind the picture i just put it there, so yeah i hope you guys could help me out, much appreciate!


Please change the position of the +48V switch in the back of your UR audio interface.

I’ve turn that +48V switch off and it just doesnt pick up sound at all

Extra info: It kind of pick up sound if i whisper a bit or if i talk in a specific way. But its still gives a buzzing sound or does not pick up my sound when talking.

Hello Bryeant

I am also struggling with same. Don’t know what is going wrong. :frowning: .
Interface pick up sound when you rotate gain to almost full and it start clipping. I am using Audio Technica Pro 70 microphone.
I think i had very hard time using Steinberg Ur12.