Sound not reaching master track

Hello Everyone!

The attached screenshot shows an issue I’m having. One specific project I am working on has stopped making any sound from its tracks.

I am sure my sound drivers are fine because the metronome does make a sound. Other projects also still give me sound.

Individual instrument tracks say they are making a sound in the meters, but the master track is making no sound and there is nothing on the meter. All these tracks are routed to the master track, and nothing is soloed or muted. I have tried disabling all inserts, routing and sends in the mix panel without success.

I tried creating an audio track and dragging a WAV file there. Same problem - the meter says the track is producing sound, but nothing is coming out of the master track.

If you have any good ideas to fix this, please let me know! The deadline for this project is approaching.

Thanks in advance.

Have you really tried to switch off all plug-ins in the master bus? (A simple Bypass won’t do.) You didn’t include the Stereo Out in your screenshot, so I can’t say if there’s one of the usual suspects. :wink:

… and what about a good old re-boot …?

Re-boot. Agreed.

Can you post a screenshot of the master output as well as the control room if you’re using it?.. and maybe studio connections?..

Thank you everyone for your responses!

It was a stupid thing in the end: a compressor on my master bus had decided to randomly become ‘unlicenced’ during a session and then needed to be re-licenced.

I’m used to plugins that need licencing to generate white noise, a beep or cut audio out for a second every so often, so it was unexpected for an unlicenced plugin to completely silence everything.

I have no idea how that happened so the possibility didn’t even occur to me - must be a bug.

Thanks again for your suggestions.