Sound not working


I had the free trial version of Dorico 3, but the sound never worked when I wanted Dorico to play what I had written

Now the free trial is over and I never solved the problem, how can I be sure if it’s going to work if I buy it?

I don’t want to buy it if it doesn’t work, but my trial period is up so I can’t check anymore…

Welcome to the forum, Christina. I’m sorry that you had problems getting sound to work during your trial period. If you’d thought to come here at some point in the last 30 days I’m certain we could have solved it for you. If you buy the full version of Dorico and encounter any playback problems, you can be assured that we will happily work through those problems with you to get you up and running.

See also the sound troubleshooting video:

I had the same problem when I trialed Dorico. In one file the sound worked well, in another it didn’t. I didn’t fix it up, and carried on with the working file.
I bought Dorico ! and now, I have a new file in which the sound doesn’t work! Of course I launched the Halion sounds. It must be easy to find… but I couldn’t.`Can you help me , please?

Have you gone to Play Mode and then chose from the menu Play > Playback Template and chose the HALion template again?

If that doesn’t help you, can you send me the project file to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’? Thanks.

Hey again

I have now bought Dorico, in the hope that it would work. But the sound still doesn’t work… What can I do to fixe it?

Have you worked through the possible solutions outlined in the pinned thread?

Sound cards are very diverse, with many different possible settings, so it’s not uncommon for a user to experience some initial difficulty. But it will certainly work once the settings are correct.

Christina, could you also provide some more details about your computer hardware and software configuration? We would also find it helpful if you could do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file, which is created on your computer’s desktop and called “Dorico”, to a reply on the forum here.

I played around with it, and it now works but only through my computer speakers (Macbook pro, 10.15.2), is there anyway I can hear it in my headphones?

If it’s a newish mac, you might try following the instructions outlined here:

I still can’t get the sound to work through my headphones. I’ve tried to follow the link above, but the sound still doesn’t work

If you go to Edit > Device Setup and in there click on Device Control Panel, the CoreAudio Device Settings dialog pops up. In that window in the middle is an option called “Automatically Configure Devices”. Is that checkmarked with you?