Sound of Chord-Track in Play Mode

Intention: I want to hear a single voice (e.g. piano) acoustically with the pure chords generated in Chord-Track (in Play Mode). In order to be able to differentiate well, I would like to have the chords played by another instrument, e.g. violin. Now the violin is not represented in my instrumentation. In order to have the sound, I have to create an empty instrument.

Question 1: How can I hide the empty stave in the score and still keep the sound?

Question 2: Is there a way to assign an instrument (sound) to the chord track without creating one with the obligatory staff?

Question 3: In order to compare individual instruments with the sound of the played chord symbols, I have set “Solo” for this instrument in the mixer, although I would prefer to have only the individual instrument open in play mode. Is there another possibility, i.e. to have only the piano open in play mode and still have the chord track played by violins?

You don’t need to create a violin in your ensemble in order to assign a violin sound to the chords track in Play mode. Instead, open the interface for whichever virtual instrument you’re using (for example, if you’re using the standard HALion Sonic SE player bundled with Dorico) and load a violin sound into an empty slot. Make a note of the slot or channel number into which you’ve loaded your sound, then use the controls in the track header for the Chords track to tell Dorico which channel in HSSE to use.