Sound of Humanity - Typhoon Haiyan

To anyone interested: I’m going to try to put together an instrumental track and release it on the Facebook page as a show of support for those impacted by Haiyan. I haven’t yet heard of any relief efforts large enough to justify the effort it would take us to put together an album, but if I do that may change.

As a matter of reference for comparison’s sake, Haiyan is the most powerful storms ever recorded. It exceeded the maximum value on the 8.0 on the force scale with sustained winds 190 mph (305 km/h) and gusts of 230 mph (370 km/h). Obviously, the maximum on the scale wasn’t dictated by physics but instead on the highest amount of force observable via airplane (or maybe it is satellite).

If anyone else would like to donate a track, let me know in this thread and, if you aren’t already, I’ll add you to the private Facebook group for collaborators to continue the discussion there.

Philter is graciously donating a track as well. :smiley:

Yes, I’m trying to guilt people into donating something. Hahaha

Hi Larry.

I’m in.

How come I’m not surprised? :laughing:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nice to see you here. Been meaning to Skype you lately, but never remember about it when I have an hour free.

Back to the point, I’m not looking for a big “to do” about this. Just put a few tracks up on the Bandcamp site and link to them on Facebook as a way to spreading some peace and good feelings along with a message of support.

Good luck chaps, can’t join this time but I hope your efforts have some result!

Thanks. Again, I don’t have a financial result in mind - we haven’t had much success in the past (Haiti and Sandy) so I don’t think the effort is worth it from that standpoint - but we can certainly reinvigorate our online presence while we wait for the time when the effort will be worth it. In other words, people have probably and justifiably forgotten who Sound of Humanity is so it’s time to remind them. :slight_smile:

Beachside sounds great Larry, well done. Got me thinking! :sunglasses:

Glyn, Phil, always a pleasure too :sunglasses:

Sounds like using misery and hardship of others for personal gain, to me. :confused:

There’s always gonna be someone…

Yeah, I’m gaining a lot. I always post on that page using the account name so my name isn’t present on the page. I’ve made no money from it whatsoever, and have given a lot of time not only producing material for the collective, but have also driven to radio stations to promote the work that we’ve done. That gas and time was mine with no reimbursement. For the Sandy relief effort, I paid All Hands Volunteers using my own funds at 100% of what we collected instead of losing the transaction fee to Paypal. (That money is still in the Paypal account too.)

So, yes, I’m gaining a lot. Now please shut up. Thanks.

We released philter’s Air Choir and re-released (from the Musicians for Haiti effort) Glyn’s Motherless Child. The awesome regional band Iridesense is going to contribute a track, Life, from their latest album and Robin said he may have something that is up to his standard of quality to donate as well.

Finally - since I can’t simply let that comment slide - you conveniently did not highlight the part where I said I’m rebuilding the relationship equity that we have with the community for when we’ll need it. If you had thought that through you would realize that I mean for when we need to do a collection drive again to contribute funds to a relief agency like we did with Haiti and Sandy.

Thanks. I’m not a huge fan of the mix to be honest, but Glyn convinced me that in light of the time constraints I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. It’s good to have him for a motivator to be completely honest.

Entitled to my opinion which is it all comes down to this being more for self promotion than anything else.

How much was contributed to the relief efforts in total?

The real way to make a selfless difference is make a donation anonymously to a worthy charity. There are name acts raising real money for the causes, leave it to them.

Personally, I’ve done this also. And did you donate? It’s good Karma to participate regardless of the outcome.

No, I believe in letting Mother Nature take her course. :bulb:

… which you admitted wasn’t a success.

So lemme get this straight, you’re making music for Storm Haiyan, but not to raise funds for it on the basis the previous efforts to raise funds for Haiti and Sandy were not a success. So instead the music to be made for Storm Haiyan is just a practise run for making music for a future unsuccessful fund raiser?

Momma says it’s a circular fail y’all. :slight_smile: That NWP fella nailed it.

Now you’re just trolling.

I’ll contribute in the way I wish. Others who participated also chose to do the same: we all gave tracks of original music. If you have a problem with that…

…well, frankly, I don’t care.

So who were you before you were banned and decided to re-register with a new name?

So who were you before you were banned?

And you can kindly stfu too. Thanks.

This is a music forum. If I choose to ask if people are interested in contributing music to add morale to people who are currently in dire straits from some force majeure then that’s my prerogative. If people choose to respond positively that’s theirs as well.

So let me say this, in no uncertain terms: if you don’t like what we’re doing then the exit is to your right. Alt+F4 will get you there more quickly.

You don’t seem a very friendly dude by telling people to stfu.

How is making music in this manner going to “add morale to people who are currently in dire straits from some force majeure”? Especially as about only 20 people will hear it and five of those are the musicians. Making music is about as effective as a Facebook “Like”. These poor people need help.

I’m going to bake myself some cookies in support of the victims of Storm Haiyan. While I’m waiting I may also strum a few major chords on my acoustic to boost their morale. :mrgreen:

So let me ask you this question: is what we’re doing detracting in any way from any other relief efforts going on? I ask especially since you were so kind to remind everyone that I characterized the last effort as a failure. (You still didn’t tell us who you were before you were banned.) If what we’re doing has no detrimental effect then why are you even contributing to this thread?

Your inability to add value to this discussion is the exact denotative definition of “trolling” on the Internet.