Sound of mic recording vanishes and comes back all the time while reproducing

Hi all,

I have sprend quite some time trying to set my new Steinberg UR22 mkII up with all the drivers and with the Cubase AI that comes with it. Now it seems to be all prepared and working but, after I record some piano and some voice with the mic, I try to replay it to listen to it and while the piano seems to be alright the mic voice vanishes and suddenly it comes buck for some seconds and vanishes again. The wave form indicates there is information but for some reason the machine is not capable to keep reproducing it. Could anyway have a reason and a solution for this?

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Hi and welcome,

Make sure the Loopback function is disabled on your UR22 driver.

Disable (or set up correctly) any gates or expanders in your vocal track.

Hi again and thanks for your answer,

The Loopback function is disabled. I have tried again to record and play it back and the same keeps happenning. The piano channel (set up as audio, not MIDI) is beeing played alright but the Mic channel vanishes out after a couple of seconds and today it never returned back.

I thought it may be caused by the buffer options and I tried to make its size bigger and smaller but it kept happening.

Any idea to make it work?
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Is there a possibility that you have some volume automation assigned on that one track?

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