Sound of UR44 cracks

The sound of my UR44 cracks on the left side. At first I thought it was the monitor speaker or a cable, but it also cracks on my headphone. Anyone had this too? What could be the problem and solution for this?

I had crackling issues using the built in USB ports on the mainboard. Any chance you can test it on a different computer?
I ended up getting a PCI USB card extra for the UR device.

Hello, I have heard the crackling noise on my Macbook Pro 16" M1 running Ventura OS, but not on my Macbook Pro 15" Intel running Monterey OS connected to the same UR44. I suspect the Apple USB-A to USB-C adapter may have something to do with it. It is the only added device, and when added, the sound recordings and monitoring crackle at times. I also have an iPad Pro 9.7" using a USB-A to Lightening connector and I don’t hear any crackling noise. I may purchase another USB-A to USB-C adapter and see if that eliminates the crackling. I hope that helps.

So I bought a new Apple USB-2 to USB-C adapter and the crackle and pops didn’t disappear. I was using GarageBand and even downloaded Logic Pro X and had the same issues. I might have to stick to my Intel Macbook Pro setup with the UR44 or upgrade to the UR 44C. It leads me to wonder if the UR RT4 with USB-2 (similar to the UR44) would be the same as the UR 44 in that I would have to use an adapter to plug it into my Macbook Pro M1 laptop.