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The sound in Dorrico does not work with loudspeakers. (but sound is heard from youtube from my loudspeakers) is it a technikal problem in the program? A button…

If you are on Windows, check that your sound device does not allow app to have exclusive control.

Indeed. If you’re still having problems, please refer to this video.

Thankyou for th,e wideo but it works allright now! Margaretha

Thankyou for information. But it works allright now// Margaretha

The sound is working on the computer but not in Dorrico no. What has gone wrong? This is a problem for me.// Margaretha

Hi Margaretha.
Check that in Preferences>Playback > Device… a proper output device is selected (internal if you want the sound to output through your computer, or your sound card if you have one)
Hope it helps

And if Marc’s advice does not help you, please choose from Dorico’s menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and attach the corresponding zip file here. From the contained data I might be able to figure out what is wrong.


Dorico (417 KB)

Thanks for the data. From what I can see everything is fine. At the time when you created the zip, Dorico was set up to play out via Hörlurar, shortly before that the Högtalare.
if you open the HALion editor window and click with the mouse on the keyboard on screen, is there some metering flickering in the top middle of the window?

No, I click on play beside engrave, then I click the keyboard Notting happens.

Hämta Outlook för Android

Nothing happens!

Hämta Outlook för Android

Have you watched already the video that Daniel mentioned?

When I want to export the score for kl piano sopran to PDF this is what it looks like. What to do? same with all pieces
Sincerely Margaretha

Dorico (897 KB)

Hi Margaretha, did you forget to attach a picture or pdf?