Sound on the video disappeared! Help!

Hi there, I’m working on a short film score and the sound on the attached video suddenly disappeared.
The written music plays and I’ve unmuted all the tracks including the video one.
Has this happen to anyone?


Welcome to the forum, @varpereira. Probably the problem is that you have (or another application on your computer has) changed the sample rate in Edit > Device Setup. When you attach a video, Dorico extracts the soundtrack from the video and resamples it to the current sample rate chosen in Device Setup. If you subsequently use a different sample rate, the soundtrack won’t be played back. So try resetting the sample rate to see if that helps.

Hi, thanks for replying.
It’s working now. I did a Dorico software update that was overdue and it started to work.
Thanks for the tip, if it happens again I’ll remember that!