sound output problem

I run Cubase 10.The sound from the midi cannels comes out to the headphones only while the sound from a audio/instrument channel comes out only from the laptop loudspeakers. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


MIDI Tracks is just set of data. You have to route the data to any sound generator (synthesiser) to get a sound. The question is now, what is the output of your MIDI Tracks, please?

Thank you for writing, Martin!
The uotput of the midi tracks is: Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth.
If I create an instrument track eg Halion 6 it goes to output Halion 6 and the sound is comming out only through the loudspeaker of the laptop. It doesn’t go to the headphones that are plugged in the same time.


Unfortunately I don’t know, how is the Wavetable Synth routed internally. That’s something on Windows side.

What ASIO driver is selected in Cubase?

Generic low latency ASIO driver
Thanks for the effort anyway!


Myself, I would recommend to avoid the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. Or do you find the sounds nice and useful?

Thank you Martin!
I continue wonering on that miracle.
Now I discovered that if I remove all other tracks and keep only the audio track - the sound moves back to the external sound system (vie the headphone jack).
I meen - the headpone jack is pluged in all the time.
SO, when i remove everything but the audio track the sound goes to the external sound system via te headphone jack.
Even if I add only one midi track (even empty) the sound moves into the laptops loudspeaker.
If I add an instrument track instead of midi track, then the sound doesn’t move to the internat loudspeaker, but stays as it should connected to the external sound system.
So obviously the appearance of even one miditrack moves the signal from the headpone jack to the internal speaker of the laptop.


What is the output of your MIDI Track? If it’s Microsoft Wavetable Synth, then this could be the case.

Yes, all midi tracks are sent to output Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. But I have no other choise for them. The question is why the audio track is sent to stereo out but doesn’t reach the stereo jack. It stops in the internal loudspeaker of the laptop instead.


Most probably it’s routed this way in Windows.

Try using Halion SE with a GM patch instead.
The MS GS, is just an old Roland GM that can’t use ASIO as output.

GM = General Midi

THanks a lot Peakae! It worked! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Martin! It sure is in the windows.