Sound output too low

How come I don’t hear the playback except at a low volume? I turned my Mac’s output all the way up and set the master level and instrument level all the way up and I can barely hear it thru Bose wireless headphones. In contrast if I adjust the Mac sound level, the “boink” sound is so loud all the way up that it hurts my ears, so the headphones are working fine. Web page videos play loudly as well, but not Dorico. Now what? Dorico Pro demo, version, Audio Engine version

You can set the Macs sound effects separately in system preferences.
Sorry for Swedish dialog.


Thanks Jesper, but it isn’t the sound effect that I’m concerned with, it’s the volume, which I have set to maximum in the dialog you showed.

One other thing I tried was inserting a forte at the start of the music I’m writing, but that didn’t change the volume. Plus, like I said earlier, the demos are barely audible as well. I’ll try rebooting, maybe some conflict will be resolved.

I fixed this in some way that I’m not too sure about, but I think the problem was that I had taken my wireless headphones to another room where they paired up with a TV. Then when I brought them back to the computer, the mac paired up correctly but Dorico did not. The device set up dialog didn’t display them as a choice and had reverted to Built-In Audio, so I thought that it was routing the sound to whatever is selected in the Mac Sound dialog, which was the Bose headphones. I didn’t remember that the Bose headphones needed to be selected in the Dorico dialog because they weren’t displayed as a choice. But I fiddled with the Mac Sound Input and Output and restarted Dorico and the Bose headphones showed up in the Dorico device setup dialog. Selecting them in both Dorico and the Mac Sound panel seems to fix it, but how I got them to show up in Dorico remains a mystery. Maybe restarting Dorico did it. I think an improvement would be for Dorico to simply use whatever is selected in the Mac Sound panel, but perhaps someone with a more complicated audio system needs this extra level of selectivity.

As you’ve alluded to in the latter portion of this quote, many users have dedicated audio interfaces, sometimes multiple, so being able to set various outputs manually and allow system sounds to go elsewhere can be very important. This is especially true when working with certain VST’s and DAW’s. For instance, when I’m at my iMac system sounds come out of the built in speakers but dorico and my VST of choice go thru my Saffire interface.