Sound output

I am a first time user and can not get the sound (the output bar on the transporter is visible and moving) to be heard on the speakers…surely not doing something right! HELP! :open_mouth:

What is your sound card? Where do you have the speakers plugged into?

No Sound On Playback

Firstly, you will need to close all other applications (they could steal your outputs.)

Be sure that your system volume is not muted, your track/event is not muted, and your monitoring is not enabled.

You may also want to check your Preferences>VST>Auto Monitoring settings and reset them to manual.

Next check your connections:

  1. Confirm that the desired inputs/outputs are enabled in your driver’s control panel. You can check this under Devices>Device Setup.

  2. Be sure that your busses are configured correctly and your input/outputs are enabled under VST Connections (F4).

  3. Be sure the correct busses are chosen in your track’s inspector.

  4. Switch off all system sounds so they do not interfere with the ASIO audio stream and restart if necessary.

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