Sound playback issues - background crackle

I have only just installed this product, and have no previous experience… while I have been exploring what is available I have tried a few things, and it appears that if I try play/playback anything I appear to have a background crackle which I know is not the physical speakers as I get the issue with headphones as well.
I will continue exploring and checking what I can but is there anyone out here who has experienced the same and knows the answer/solution?

Try to increase the Playback buffer size.
Preferences->Play->Audio Device setup->Device control panel


I can see this taking a while!!

My ASIO Driver shows as ‘Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver’ (tried to copy and paste the window in here but it says I can’t do that!), and I have a different settings window to the one that you have offered up

By the way I can confirm that listening to a YouTube clip is crackle free… what is a recommended size for the playback buffer?

I don’t know windows I’m afraid, but I’m sure someone else will have advice on drivers and such.
Just try to increase the buffer one step at the time and see if it helps with the crackling.


Thanks for that! It seems to be making a difference… is it a case of hit n miss, or is there a way of determining the best setting?

that (best setting) depends on what you’re using the audio for. If just playback, then it doesn’t matter, so larger is probably better. If you want to play an instrument then latency (that’s the time between pressing the key and sound being heard) is a consideration, and then it is a matter of finding the shortest latency with the least crackles.


Indeed Marcabru.