Sound problem, Cubase 6.5


I just bought Cubase 6.5 and I got my self into some truble.
When I start it up I loose all my sound, not only on Cubase but on the rest of the computer as well.
I have not bought an external sound card yet. To get the sound working again I have til reinstal my Audiodriver, but when I start up Cubase again the problem starts all over.

Would really appreciate some help!



First advice: follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide, that’s about setting up Cubase and your system. Then also post more info about your computer, OS, hardware etc…


Try to check the settings of “Release driver, when application is in background”, which you can find in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System. If this is on (checked), Cubase release the driver, when you switch to the different application. So, Cubase stops. If this is off (empty), Cubase “locks” driver all the time for themselve. So any other application, using ASIO driver, will not produce sound.