Sound problem: should I buy another motherboard?

Hi, I’m playing a WERK-SYNTH VST sound and there are problems with the sound, they have some sort of distortion or bad noise inside it like grgrgchgrgchgrgrgch.

I have bought a MSI M97-G45 motherboard thinking that the parameters needed to make music are the speed of the RAM and the CPU.

I have an i7 and 16gb RAM with a very good speed (about 2100hz approximatly) and a UR44.

My drivers seem to be updated automatically with a program named live update 6 and windows updates are done.

I don’t know how I could solve this problem. Is my motherboard a bad one for making music, and that could be the cause of the distortion in the sound?(only on some sounds not all) Or is it a bad configuration? Should I buy another internal sound card to solve the problem if this motherboard lacks something? Might my UR44 not be working correctly?

Any help plz


Maybe your video (card) is the problem.

If you have probs with only ONE vst it shouldn´t be the MB or GPU.
is the WERK-synth a demo you run ?
reinstall it if it´s not the case.
Incase is stays foulty, try to set up the intel graphics of the 7i to check the previous reply by syncophant.


If the WERK-synth is the only bad plugin that producing bad audio, then its have nothing to do with your setup.
Its the WERK-synth that are bad.

If Cubase and all other plugins, programs and audiofiles producing bad audio, then you have real problems.

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I will try some testing on another computer. This sound on the WERK synthesizer seems to be the only one I’ve found yet to be that bad, but other sounds have little disruption or distortion in them, especially when I hit a new note. Not sure if my motherboard was specialized in music would be better it wouldn’t be the case.

Is there a way to return to the ancient low latency driver with my UR44? I had this idea, if I could play with a delay, the sounds could be in good condition as it would require less ressources. But when I try to change the driver for the generic low latency driver, no sound comes at all. How could I change the driver to low latency and still be able to play with UR44?

Is the Werk synth a romper that uses samples? If so the samples could be corrupted some how and you might need to renown load/reinstall them.


If you thinking on shopping for a new motherboard you should only shop for ASUS. Graphic card only ASUS NVIDIA card not ATI. The ATI-chip works too but NVIDIA are better. Better graphic experience and more advance settings.

There are many other manufacturers on the market that can work too. ASUS using only high quality components and are one of the leading companies on the market that stands for quality.

You get what you pay for.

Good luck!

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“”""“If you thinking on shopping for a new motherboard you should only shop for ASUS. “””""""
Good luck!
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That is my experience for years too ! They are very close to the Intel boards= Windows in hardware. sadly they are not available easily in Germany.
the only problem is : the USB implementation is meticulously done and programs/devices not exactly following these rules may have little problems on booting proceedure -i.e. maschine I+II

AsRock are not bad either (I stopped buying GigaByte a long time ago).

Sounds to me like you are using the wrong drivers for your UR44. Download the newest drivers from Steinberg and use only that one.

Doubt if it’s motherboard on an i7 system. The sound described looks like midi leakage or some data output is being monitored thru the audio. Just a guess. If that guess is anything like a mile away then check all connections to see if you’ve got the wrong lead in the wrong hole before emptying your wallet. You could also check your soundcard routing to see if there’s anything odd about that.

obviously a setup issue. any i7 mobo should/will be sufficient for moderate daw use. start from scratch, use current drivers as bantam suggested. there is no “motherboard for audio” specifically. some are better suited for audio use yes but they are basically all the same design and will work to a given standard. if the system is not setup properly ANY system will stutter and/or distort. the report that this particular sample set doesnt work along with your report that there are other plugs that also distort suggests that you have your buffer settings too low for the system to handle. perhaps the “demo” samples have intermittent bursts of noise built in as is very common.

cheers you dont need new hardware, just properly configured hardware.