Sound problem with bias fx

Hi… I have à problem. Excuse my poor english…

When i use bias fx in standalone mode with à préset IT sounds good. Ben when i use bias fx with the same préset with the same soundcard, same gain… In Cubase with à mono track with bias fx in insert mode… The Sound seems bad, not the same sound in standalone… Is there à thing to do ? Thanks à lot.


I got the same problem with Bias FX 2.
And noticed that Bias FX or Bias FX 2 sound amazing nice and clear with Garage Band Daw (using same effects and amps configuration with Cubase Elements), therefore seems for me that there is not good matching between Cubase and this Possitive Grid plug-ins. I wonder if is there any way to fix that.

Hi, the same issue here. It’s sounds really bad, it’s like a muffled sound coming from a kind of silo tower or a big hall, there is a lot of reverb there, sound is flat and I thought I had some additional effect somewhere in the background - but nope. Clean sound also has some flanger/reverb effect - it’s hard to describe. Standalone version of BiasFX sounds really really good and pro, Cubase Plugin defainately has some bug or configuration issue, but I can’t locate it. Earlier I used the free version of ableton - such a problem did not occur

My set:

  • Windows 10 x64
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • Cubase Elements 10.5
  • BIAS FX Pro

I found the reason of those issues (in my case). The problem is related to mono->stereo input/output. When I use only one input in my Focusrite (DI from guitar to Input1 in Scarlett) and next Input1 to stereo output in Cubase it doesn’t work (actually it works, but sounds as I described above). But when I connected guitar to another effect, which can give the stereo output (Boss gt8) next to Input 1 and 2 in Focusrite and of course the same way in Cubase (stereo input and stereo output) - the problem is solved. Now everything sounds like in the standalone BiasFX app. If anybody has any questions, do not hesitate to ask me for help :wink: I can describe it in details.

please do tell details. i found it sounds like that only when in dual channel mode (when you split the effects), but i didn’t pay money just for mono channel, and i also have a zoom g5. can you tell how?

I have the same problem, Win 10, Cubase 10 pro, Bias fx 2, the sound is not the same in standalone app and VST plugin. Just not that quality… :angry: :angry: :angry:

Same problem ever since I switched to Cubase. Tried disabling all the sound enhancements that come with windows but to no avail. I play on the standalone plugin and get excited when i come up with something only to find it sounds horrible when i record it in cubase. I also noticed that the plugin in cubase starts to randomly switch back to the standard preset every 10 minutes or so. Bias Amp plugin does not seem to have that problem.

I had similar issue when I first got bias fx 2
Here’s what fixed for me… sounds awesome now: Which is why I’m posting to help perhaps a newbee … I Worked out by trial n error ,and (was fairly new at cubase at the time also…so didn’t fully understand routing yet. ). So hope this helps . Bias fx 2 is awesome once up n running.

Create audio track (mono) for main guitar input.

Create a stereo fx track that connects to this track.
(Ie: the out on the mono input guitar track routes to the fx track you created. )

Now insert - bias fx 2 as an effect insert on the stereo fx channel. You just created.

You’ll record parts on the input track . But essentially monitor out the fx track. (When adjusting fader vol etc) … (better practice too as more control later in mixing)

Why this works: the output of the standalone sounds great n full… because it’s stereo.

When u run on / thru a stereo fx track … in cubase - it will sound the same. As standalone . (Maybe even better- but that might be just me- feeling that)

It won’t sound good if you run bias fx as an insert on a mono cubase audio track. (As you’ll miss the stereo output bias fx creates)

I don’t think great either just to create a stereo audio track… as the actual guitar input is mono. So it’s about correct chain and routing .

So again:
Create mono audio track - (guitar part records to this. )

Output this track to a cubase fx track that is stereo (think that’s true by default / but double check)

Insert bias as an effect on the “cubase fx” track you created) .

Make sure you turn on monitor for both. (Should be automatic when you unmute or solo the main audio mono track you record the part too. If they are routed together)

Repeat for all guitar tracks if you have multiple guitar parts … Eg: solo and rhythm
Ie: you may have multiple instances of bias fx running .- When recording or tracking.

All will be good , hope helps. I generally have about 4/5 on the go in a project. Now and again I get a crash… as perhaps a bit heavy on the cpu. ? But you could bounce /freeze tracks if you run into that issue.

Definitely a Great plug in. In my view.

Hope that’s helps someone starting out with it. :slight_smile: