Sound problem

Hello everyone.

I installed Cubase pro 10.5 recently but the problem is that I have no sound, it is impossible for me to connect my speakers as an output. When I go into the studio configurations, no ASIO driver appears in the list. Maybe I need to download the speaker driver … In this case, I have no idea how to do it.
I’m obviously a beginner, I don’t know anything about Cubase, it’s new to me. I saw people who had the same problem as me but all of their problems worked out and it didn’t work with me.

Sorry for my bad english level.

I thank in advance whoever will help me.

Hi and welcome,

I assume you are on Windows. Download ASIO4ALL as a virtual ASIO Driver and connect it to your onboard Audio Device. Then use ASIO4ALL in Cubase as an ASIO driver, please.

Hi Martin.Jirsak and thank you very much for your anwser.
I downloaded ASIO4ALL and installed it, imported it in Cubase and created a new bus, and this work succefully and it works perfectly.
Thank you so much.
Best regards.