Sound problem

I have the Dorico 4.3.3 update and I run on a Windows 10 desktop. I either can get sound in Dorico and nowhere else, and if I try to run the tutorials or any other YouTube program I get no sound… Shouldn’t I be able to run Dorico and be able to playback and also run a tutorial or other YouTube program. What is the fix for this?

Yes, indeed you should. Go to Edit > Device Setup, and then click Device Control Panel to open the window for the Generic Low-Latency ASIO Driver. There’s an option at the top concerning taking exclusive control of your audio hardware; switch this off.

Okay, but now Dorico is only playing in my left ear. How do I fix that?

Hi @dsprung , please have a look at this thread.
Alternatively, you could also install and use the free driver FlexASIO.
Either way is fine.