Sound probleme while using Dorico

Hi Steinberg team.

With 59 pages of topics I don’t know if a similar topic exists or not.
Anyway, I did not buy Dorico 1.1, because it muted all other sounds on my computer and I had to restart my laptop to hear music again.

Now I’m testing Dorico 1.2 and it’s quite the same (a little bit better). When it runs, I can’t hear any other music (Widows media player (music or video), FireFox (YouTube), GuitarPro…). But now, when I stop Dorico 1.2, sometimes I recover directly my computer sounds, sometimes a long break is required.

That a huge problem for me !
I do tab orchestral parts from songs (from CD or from the net) so I need to switch from Dorico to any other software without loosing the sound.
I also want to rewrite my own compositions (for the moment written on GuitarPro) to make proper orchestral scores. So I also need to switch from one software to an other without loosing sound.

Does anyone can help me ?

Please see this Knowledge Base article for help.