Sound problems after Windows update

Maybe someone’s got an idea. Yesterday Windows had a major update and today (first Dorico use after Windows update) Dorico has massive sound problems. The first few minutes everything seemed normal, but then the sound started cracking loudly, but you could still hear the music in the background. The playback tempo is reduced as well. Computer off - Computer on - same thing again. Then I set the buffer to high and the cracking disappeared (for the moment). But now the delay between clicking or playing with the midi keyboard and the sound is almost 2 seconds, which makes it almost impossible for me to write music at an acceptable speed. What am I not seeing?
Thanks for your help!


Could the Windows update have changed your sound-card settings (the system settings rather than the Dorico settings)?

I find a buffer around 1024 is sufficient with only a slight/manageable delay when recording audio.

Confirming that the update that I got DID update at least some aspect the sound system FYI. Pretty sure it would have had to use default settings, and the butter size I would bet is your issue. I have been avoiding it because I use the Focusrite driver directly.

I agree. If your audio system is half decent then it should have its own drivers. I just did the dreaded 20H2 update and of course the e-licenser didn’t work but no problem with my RME sound interface. The (generally unused) onboard audio though did get a driver update to the release date of my windows installation so that would suggest this is common practice.

Perhaps if you tell us which audio system you’re using then there may be specific known issues. Simply sounds like the wrong driver to me.

Apologies for my late answer and thanks for your replies!
I am only working with a laptop to be as mobile as possible, so everything is onboard. I just re-installed the driver. It worked for about an hour - me, being happy, thought: Yeah, that did it. Then the cracking noise came back. Dorico off - Dorico on. This procedure is now happening every 2-3 minutes. Any other ideas?

What buffer size do you use and which audio driver is currently selected?
Also, do you have WiFi on? WiFi-drivers are known to make trouble in audio apps.
Try switching WiFi off and see if that makes a difference.

Is it possible to roll back to the previous audio driver from Device Manager? If it was working fine before, that might fix it. Or if not, look online for an alternative (after checking WiFi as per Ulf)