Sound problems during export Dorico 4.3

Hey, so I’ve been using Dorico 4.2 for a while, and I haven’t experienced any export problems. I have encountered clipping and audio problems during playback, but export has always been fine. However, I recently updated to 4.3 and now there are multiple 4-second periods where the audio will cut out and there will only be a very faint hissing noise. I checked my controller lanes and adjusted the individual audio outputs in the mixer, and also brought the master output down to -20.3. Unfortunately, I’m still getting the same results. And the strange thing is the hissing occurs in different places every export. I’ve tried WAV and MP3, but no luck either way. I’ve exported this score numerous times in 4.2 without any problems. How can I fix this?

Thanks for your time!

I assume you are on Win and are using the Generic Low Latency driver, right?
In that case, try to set the driver into exclusive mode or install a different driver like FlexASIO (free downloadable).

How am I to set the driver to exclusive? Also, does the FlexASIO driver have better performance than the generic low-latency driver? If so, then I’ll gladly download it.

Can it be that you run an audio plug-in in a demo mode in your signal chain?
This kind of thing is implemented in some wave plugins I think…

Yes, FlexASIO has better performances, especially in shared mode.

Thank you!

Thanks! I’ll download that.

I don’t think so…I think I may have gotten a free trial for Mastermind and that may have expired. I’ll have to check. Thanks for the tip!