Sound Problems in Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5

Hi guys, I’m quite new to Steinberg and recording audio so it’s been a struggle for me recently, hope you can offer some solutions.
I bought the Steinberg UR242, I have a Rode Procaster Dynamic microphone connected to it, in the left Input 1 on the interface, with phantom power (+48V) turned on. I seemed to have followed all the instruction to have a smooth experience, but recording and playing back recorded sound hasn’t been working as intended.

I’m on Windows 10. In the Sound Options for Playback I have selected the “Speakers” (Realtek High Definition Audio). For Recording, the installed “Line” 2 - Steinberg UR242.

When opening up Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5 I start off by selecting a new project as Empty. Then go to Audio Connection “Inputs” tab and set them to Mono (I’ve tried with Stereo Left Input as well) and Stereo is set as Output. In Studio Setup the selected ASIO Driver is Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO from the dropdown menu. I add a new Mono track and begin recording. Cubase seems to pick up audio, the low sound volume has always been an issue even when the Input Gain on the interface is set to maximum, but nevertheless, what’s most important, you can see the wavelengths getting recorded once you speak into the microphone. So it seems to be working to an extent.

The problem is that I can’t hear anything when I play it back. Mind you I have earphones connected to my laptop, I can listen to YouTube videos, play random music on 3rd party programs, etc. everything seems work but when it comes to Cubase it doesn’t.

I’ve also tried as suggested here on Forum in the “The first things to do when you startup Cubase” thread under “Setting up the Cubase Output for Monitoring” importing a random mp3 format song into Cubase. The interface shows waves and everything for the song, like we’d expect I guess, but when trying to Play the track, once again no sound comes out into my earphones, or to the speakers if I remove the earphones.

So I wondered maybe this happens only once in Cubase, because that same song plays in any other program I try to open it. Because of this I figured maybe I just need to get the recording I made out of Cubase to hear it, by opening it up with another program. So I’ve exported the vocal sound recording I made myself on Cubase that didn’t have any sound coming out. Once exported, however, the file plays but there is no sound, just as it was in Cubase.

The only time I managed to hear it, was in Cubase (but strangely not the imported mp3 song, just my short test vocal recording) when I changed ASIO Driver to Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver. However then I also started hearing the mouse clicking sounds for some reason, maybe this is normal, I don’t know, however, all the other sound didn’t work. Like trying to watch a video on YouTube would crash, or trying to play the mp3 song in a 3rd party program would crash as well. So Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver can’t be the solution. I hope you can get what I’m trying to say here.

I’m really tired and lost, without a clue how to go about it. It’s some expensive equipment, but I can’t get the basic value out of them at the moment.

I’ve been using the UR242 interface to record some audio with just the simple built-in Windows “Voice Recorder” on my older laptop. The sound quality wasn’t the best, but it was really simple to use, and other than the constant low volume, it got the job done.

Now however I got a new laptop and tried using the same method. The sound came out crisper, higher quality, but something else happened instead. It’s been picking up or outputting audio, for the left ear mostly with the right ear kind of faded, as if it was recording a stereo track. It didn’t work no matter how I turned or faced the microphone to me, so I wanted to give Cubase another try. However as you see here, trying to record an audio track, hasn’t gotten any easier. I really hope somebody can help me out here.

Hi and welcome,

The problem is, the Monitor buttons are still enabled on the tracks. So you don’t hear what’s recorded in the track. You hear what comes on the input of the track.

Thanks for replying.
Just tried turning them on and off and nothing changes. I can’t hear myself while recording or playing back the file, there’s no audio, even though it appears the program did pick up the sound.

Also when I export the file, it doesn’t have any sound either.

In the Output you should be able to select the Realtek Speakers right? Well if I go to Audio Connections in the drop down menu for “Output” the only options I get are UR242 Mix L & R, and UR242 FX Bus L & R. Maybe that’s why I can’t hear anything, but how do I make that Speakers do show up there as an option?


While recording the Monitor should be enabled. Then you can hear what do you record to Cubase.

While playback the Monitor should be disabled. Then you can hear what has been recorded in the track.

No, you can’t select Realtek Speakers in the Audio Connections > Output, when UR242 is selected as an ASIO driver. You have to listen your music by using headphones or speakers connected to UR242.

I seem to be having the very same problem that you mentioned. I started with a new Win 10 computer specifically to be tailored to Cubase.And although I’m a newbie have yet to get this thing to playback. Even though I see the level meters activating when I play into the microphone inputs. 've spen hours trying to figure it out step by step to no avail/ HELP me please!


Could you share some screenshots, please? Routing, Audio Connections Inputs and Outputs? Project settings…?