Sound Quality

I have a problem with sound quality…Project itself sounds very good after adding some EQs etc… but after mixdown, wave file or mp3 sounds very flat and low . I dont know what is the reason for that…Can anybody help onthat please…

Also I can’t play back any audio sounds from sound bank …?
using cubase 6
PC windows 7

Many thanks


Hard to say into the blue
Could you post a screen of your mixdownsettings?

Greetz Bassbase

What are you playing back the mixdown from?


Try importing your mixdown back into a ‘new’ Cubase song and play it from there.
It should sound the same.


I will post a screen asap .
I play mixdown back from winamp or windows media player .
I’ll try that thanks

Make sure that either of those players so called sound enhancements and whatnot are all switched off!

This is definitely the wrong forum. If you have Cubase 6, please register your USB-eLicenser in your MySteinberg account and contine in the Cubase forum.