Sound randomly disappears during gaming.

Hi All,

When I’m playing games, like Witcher 3 or Diablo 3 the sound randomly disappears and after a few secs it comes back.
This happens during gaming only, nothings wrong when watching FHD movies or listening to music.
The problem is probably linked to my new monitor which is connected via HDMI to the GPU. The previous monitor was used via VGA cable, the analog way.
I’ve reinstalled my windows, but the issue remains.
Only the audio interface is enabled, buffer size at max.

AMD Phenom II X6 1035T
AMD Radeon R9 270 OC 2gb
9gb 1333mhz DDR3
Steinberg UR 22 MKII

Sounds like DPC latency. Maybe check using latencymon (free):
In essence it will tell you if there are IRQ conflicts (busses using the same flow) and you can find the culprit. Also might be worth making an OS profile tweaked for audio (like setting CPU as background services, disable wifi adapter and all other usual DAW tweaks).