Sound / recording quality and uploading a composition

Hi everyone,

I would like to get some advice about the sound quality using Cubase. Specifically when I export to an audio-mix.
Also I’d appreciate som tips on “how to record” a Cubase-composition including the Graphics and the audio.

When I want to upload a song to Youtube I currently have to do two separate recordings. One being the Cubase-graphics using “Win+G” and the second one being the audio.

I have to use a third program to synchronize these recordings to one video witch I can upload to Youtube. Due to these separate steps I’m losing a lot of the sound quality.
The original Wave file, for example measures 80Mb while the total of the uploaded video (audio and video) is only 35Mb.

Currently I’m using a simple audio-mixer (4 channels) and a USB-connection, both attached to my Pc. I wonder if this is the correct way of connecting or if I need a separate controller or interface (no idea what these do exactly)

Thanks in advance for your tips :wink: .