sound replacer Cubase?

Hi all
Is there any solution in Cubase 7.5 to do sound replacer like in Pro tools for simply drum transients replacement?
When I’m recording real drums I use samples (Every room sounds different that is why I like use samples. Drummer is hitting ones as hard as he can bass drum, snare drum, toms, etc… ) after recording full drum track I can replace for example every transient in bass drum with my sample I have created. I know how do it in pro tools but in Cubase I am still crawling. Any sugest?

Check out this YouTube video…
Its from Steinberg and no extra plugins to buy! Good old Cubase saves the day! Let me know how you make out…


I have some problem with my Groove Agent not working, but have tried to do this with BATTERY (from Native Instruments). I have watched the video mentioned above at least 5 times and I can’t get it to work. I successfully get the created midi track created showing the response from the midi note created by the transient. I have the BATTERY midi note set to same (D3) but am not understanding HOW ELSE to get the BATTERY to respond. I have BATTERY set to same midi channel. Should BATTERY respond??? What is the relationship between the midi track and the track with BATTERY? lost on this ! I am using Artist 6.5.

Make sure that battery is set in the output of the midi track that has the notes you created. Also make sure that the sample cell in battery is set to the corresponding midi note that will trigger battery or you won’t hear anything. If all else fails create a new midi track and drag the midi to that track and do what I said before. In cubae 7.5 I have found an error with midi tracks not playing sometimes. Don’t know if that’s the case with 6.5 to.

For your first point “Make sure that battery is set in the output of the midi track” do you mean the output bus of the midi track? I don’t see any choices there for Battery. Can you explain the part about creating the new midi track and dragging in more detail. Drag what to what? Sorry if I seem stupid! (it just goes with being stupid!)

Nah your not stupid just notinformed. ill post a better explaination tonight when i get home from work

I’m assuming you put battery on an instrument track rather than loading it in the rack so you can just drag and drop the midi event on to the instrument/battery track…hold down ctrl to make sure it moves to the same start point.

Cool I didn’t know about the ctrl trick. Thanks

1.Ok so here is what you do. Use f11 and add battery to the rack. It might ask you if you want to create a new midi track…click yes. This creates a midi track with battery already armed in it…so u won’t need to do the rest

2.Now in the rack where battery are I think two little squares in the bottom right hand corner of the battery rack. By clicking the high lite done that will allow you to activate all of batteries outs and not just use the single mono master out.

You can skip 2 its not important for the purpose of this…just extra info that will come in handy later.

3.add a midi track.

  1. Click the midi track so you can see the left(inspector) side parts of the track that let’s you rout and add fx ect. will see a section with “in” and under that “out” the in will most likely be your sound card midi and the out might be the same. So what you have to do now is click on the out and select it from the drop down menu to battery. drag that midi file you created from the drum hits to this midi track.

7.check what notes are being used in the midi track.

8.set each drum pad (if you have more than one drum you want to replace)to the corresponding midi note you that is playing the battery you can just click learn and hit a key on your midi keyboard or play the note in the midi file. Or just click the note on the piano roll in the midi edit window. Then battery will automatically learn what note to look for when you want it to play a drum from that cell.

I’m assuming you know how to use battery so I won’t go any further. That should do it.

Pretty easy.

I have Artist 6.5. DOES it have “racks”? I can’t find anything about them in manual after search.

I don’t know but if not just add battery as an instrument and use it with the single mono master out. Or just try and press F11 and see what happens

You’ve GOT to be kidding me?!?!?! This is AWESOME. The last 3 days I’ve been downloading and demoing drum replacement plugins. I was ready to fork out $100 for Slate today. Thanks for saving me some money :slight_smile:

Crap dude I could have told you that ages ago. You said you wanted to use battery…??? B

To Limit54: this is dennis I did want Battery. Another named Mark made a post about the Slate program. I got it working but not sure how, but think I’ll be able too again by dragging in the midi to BATTERY. worries.