Sound routing problem: low volume

Problem: can’t turn up the volume much on UR44 before my monitor speakers distort badly. I think it might be because of the routing of my playback sources. Let me see if I can describe this situation:

First off, here’s what I have: Gigabyte PC laptop (a pretty powerful one). Windows 10. Cubase Pro 8. UR44 interface.
When I’m not running Cubase (Pro 8), my UR44 interface doesn’t show up as a choice of playback devices. The default playback device is “Volume via HD audio”.

When I open the DAW, then one of my playback device choices is “Line (2- Steinberg UR44)”. Selecting that, and then if I play, say, a Youtube video (just the Youtube, no Cubase), that audio is now routed through my UR44 and controlled by that unit’s volume knob. If I select “Volume via HD audio,” then the Youtube audio comes through my regular computer speakers. If I select the UR44 as the playback device, and then run both Cubase audio files and a Youtube video simultaneously, I get both sounds running on top of each other. That seems wacky. If I do just run a Cubase project through my monitors and turn up the volume on the UR44 to at least get a halfway decent listening level, I get distortion.

Listening to a Cubase project using headphones plugged into the UR44 is fine. Plenty of level and no distortion. Distortion is only when playing through the monitors.

This is driving me crazy. It has been a while since using Cubase, but I don’t recall this problem back like a year ago. I haven’t changed any way things are plugged in.

Anyway, this is driving me crazy. I don’t mind mixing on headphones, but when I want to play projects for other folks, it’s a bust. Can’t turn the sound up on the monitor to a halfway decent level.

Any ideas, suggestions, possible reason and solutions would be much appreciated.

My suggestion…

In the Win 10 sound menu you should choose the HD Audio option as the default. Your PC will use that device for playing the PC sounds and youtube vids etc through your PC speakers. In Cubase you would choose the UR44 as your ASIO device in the Cubase>Devices>Device Setup>VST Audio System>ASIO Driver dropdown menu. Cubase will only play through the UR44 output bus you setup in the Cubase>VST Connection menu Outputs tab. So Cubase will only play through the speakers (or monitors). Never the outputs shall mix. That should do it. Only if necessary, you may have to pick the “Release Driver when Application is in Background” option in the Cubase menu I mentioned earlier.

Good luck.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for the response. I’ll give it a shot later today and report back.

HD Audio is my default playback device in Win 10 sound menu.