Sound set up issues

Morning all,

I do apologise if this has already been raised here; I have had a look but couldn’t find a thread so am posting a query now:

Whenever I start Dorico, it cuts my standard audio output. So, for example, if I’m listening to an audio file or watching YouTube, the moment Dorico is loaded all sound is cut from that media. Even though these audio channels have been silenced, Dorico audio works fine. I then close Dorico and all other audio is restored.

This has not been a problem until recently, when I’ve been wanting to use Skype and screenshare with Dorico. I’ve tried fiddling with a few settings and have uninstalled/reinstalled all Steinberg stuff to see if a fresh install would help (it hasn’t).

If anyone has had a similar issue and has a solution, that’d be very helpful. Thanks!

Go to Edit > Device Setup, then press the ‘Device Control Panel’ button, a new little window appears. At the top of that windows is an option called ‘Allow ASIO host application to take exclusive…’. Untick that option and you should be fine.

Boom! So simple, sorry to bother you!

Thanks :slight_smile: