Sound Stuttering

I wonder if this might be due to the new Windows update that was launched yesterday. Up until recently, I have had no audio issues with Dorico, using NotePerformer as the sound library, but as of today I’m getting extreme audio lag issues within Dorico itself. After a few minutes, the audio begins lagging like crazy and the green playback bar plays either at half or less than half speed, all audio stuttering and sputtering as it goes along. I tried moving over to HALion to see if it was NP causing the issue, but it’s not. I’ve set latency to 100 milliseconds like I was suggested to do in another place, but it now merely delays the problem rather than solves it. Is this an issue with Dorico’s ASIO driver and the latest update, or is this something with Dorico itself? Or is this a sound library/sound card issue?

Check the Device Setup (WRITE/Edit) to make sure the sample rate is set the same as your computer audio settings. If it is, try changing it to a different setting, then change it back again. Windows updates have been known to upset this on occasion.

No, that is a known issue in NotePerformer. Windows changed behaviour with the 2004 update and that unveiled a problem in NotePerformer. A fix is not publicly available, yet, but you can ask Wallander Instruments for their latest beta version, which has the fix.

Just for anyone else with this problem, I had it also following a Windows update, and did as suggested, emailed Wallander Intruments (through the support form on the Noteperformer website). They sent me a link for 3.3.2 beta, and that seems to have fixed the problem.

NotePerformer 3.3.2 is now out, available for every owner of NotePerformer.

Thank you, Marc, for the heads-up.