Sound through speakers but not headphones

I just downloaded CB LE 10.5 and had some audio issues when starting up for the first time I had some audio issues. There was no sound, I assigned audio ports to my speakers and was using the onboard Realtek ASIO on my laptop (Dell G3 15 3590). I searched through google and the forums, fiddled with Studio Setup and Audio Connections. Ended up downloading the latest Realtek audio drivers from Dell but then later ASIOO4ALL. ASIO4All ends up working and I get MIDI sound/playback when connecting my Alesis V25 Usb MIDI Controller. But now the audio comes only from my laptop’s speakers and not my headphones which I wish to use.

Disabling the speakers in Control Panel and restarting does not stop the audio from playing from the speakers. I unchecked “Allow Applications to take exclusive control” for the speaker’s Properties. I tried resetting my connections in Audio Connections and Studio Setup. ASIO4All 's control panel does not show my headphones as an output I can select from. Track output is stuck on “Master” which is playing through ASIO4All to the speakers essentially. Headphones are enabled as the default device in Windows Sound Mixer.

For reference my Laptop is connected to a second monitor as well, but I am not using that monitor’s speakers and don’t intend on it. I am a college student and really wish to start using Cubase ASAP for assignments

Attached is one photo containing: Audio Inputs, Outputs, Speaker Properties, Track Output, Studio Setup, ASIO4ALL Control Panel