Sound when clicking notes - weirdness

First of all, I don’t know wether the word weirdness exists…
When I select more than one note in my score, the sound of the first note gets repeated, I don’t hear the different pitched new selected note.
Has this always been like this?
Example: I select the last f# and hear its pitch and sound through my speaker.
When I then select the f# before (which is an octave higher) the same sound will be produced by Dorico. It seems Dorico remembers the first selected sound and then just repeats it.
Is there a setting I might be missing?

When you make a multiple selection, Dorico will indeed play the first selected note as you select more notes; when you then pitch those notes up and down, you’ll also hear only the first selected note as it changes.

Thank you Daniel, and good to know it’s not new behaviour. I just noticed today, when I was trying to be efficient :slight_smile: