Sound working well, but only from the laptop speakers?


My issue is that i cannot get the sound of the laptop over my headphones. I managed to setup the connections well, but Cubase overrides all controls. I can’t change volume by using the windows contro,s but can through the Cubase controls. I can insert my headphone, windows is responding to define the selection of the port, but it is completely ignored by Cubase. Apparently Cubase takes full control of the laptop internals.

I tried another driver, but I cannot get a decent sound on my headphones. With all other software it all works well so very likely I have to setup some things within Cubase.

b.r Albert

Hi and welcome,

Yes the routing of the Audio signal is competely under the control of Cubase.

Where are your headphones connected to? Select the relevant driver in Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System, please.