Soundcard issues

Hi, upgraded from 7.5 today. All works well for the first few bars then my sound card sounds like a squealing mouse… if I click outside the program and go back it in works fine again…although a few bars later repeat!!

I am using a Kronos X as my sound driver.

Any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

Did you try to increase Buffer Size?

What Audio Device do you use? Do you have the latest driver installed? What operating system do you use?

Thank you for responding.

Yes I did increase the buffer size but did make any difference. Will try again for good measure.

I use the Korg Kronos X as my audio source all with the latest drivers etc.

Currently using macOS Sierra. As mentioned this only started when I upgraded to v9 from 7.5.


Kronos is the source, but is your Audio Device (sound card) in Cubase, please?

Can you see any anomalies on the VST Performance bar in Cubase? What does Activity Monitor says?

Hi Martin, apologies if I dont understand. Everything on my machine for audio runs through Kronos. I dont have any other external audio hardware or internal soundcard (other than that which comes with an iMac).

The VST performance bar does appear to be high around the mid point on the bar even when not being used. I will take a screen shot and post.


I mean what is setup in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System as an ASIO Driver? And could you describe your whole connection? Do you send the Audio from Kronos back to Cubase? Analog line in our digital (optical or S/PDIF)? Or do you just have a headphones in your Kronos?