Soundcard problem

WL7.1 on XP-pro using a Focusrite Saffire Pro 10io.
While working in a montage, simple, with a few tracks… the playback crackles twice and then cuts off the sound. It won’t play anymore. If I go to the Edit window and play a file it works fine. Restarting Wavelab resets the sound but it happens frequently… like now! I can’t work anymore.
Is there anything I should try? It doesn’t seem to be the soundcard because it works with playing an edit file but not with a montage. If I turn the Focusrite off and back on it restores the playback, but only temporarily.

What is the ASIO buffer size you use?

It was set to 16.
I tried 8 and 32 but no change.

No, I mean, the number of samples in each audio block. This is set via the control panel of your audio card.
Anything below 512 is not recommended if you have problems.

Not sure where to find this setting. Is it accessible through Wavelab or the mixer program of my Focusrite audiocard?
Can’t find anything like this in the SaffireControl PRO mixer program window.

In WL7 Audio Streaming Settings for Saffire PRO ASIO Driver in Control panel are Buffer Size 10.0 ms and no choice for 512.
Buffer number is 16
Buffer size (grayed out) is 16384

Maybe it’s my Windows XP pro that’s not relating well to WL7 but it was working OK and now it doesn’t work very well at all.
I think I will install Windows 7 soon.


Buffer Size of 10.0 ms? You could try to increase this value.

I set it to 20 ms and seems to be fine now.
I wonder how it got changed? Maybe with the 7.1 update?

thanks PG