Soundcard / Recording Question

I can’t record with Wavelab 7, and I’m wondering if it’s my soundcard or a problem with configuration. When I try to record, Wavelab tells me:

Cannot open Wave device for recording. Are you sure your aduio device supports the currently specified sample rate and/or bit resolution. Check also if the input of the audio device is in slave or auto-sync mode.

I’ve tried configuring in Options > Audio Streaming Settings > Recording, but all I have as an option is Microsoft Sound Mapper (which doesn’t sound good!) I have just a standard soundcard with my Dell, so I’m thinking I need to upgrade. But if I do, how do I configure Wavelab to record?

As you say, if your sole option is Microsoft Sound Mapper, that’s not good.
You should better have an ASIO compatible card.

Maybe an audio interface of the Steinberg UR-, CI- or MR-Series could be interesting for you:

Too fancy for me; I mainly use Wavelab for podcasting, so all I need is to record voice and digitize some vinyl. I want good quality, but it doesn’t need to be studio quality. I’ve done some research and it seems I obviously need to upgrade my sound card. I’ve seen some Creative Labs cards that look good - any suggestions?

Better then get an E-mu card. They’re the Creative ‘professional’ line, and at least have better control and driver.

How about trying asio4all ( with the one you’ve got? It’s a free, generic ASIO driver that works with a lot of different cards, built-in and others. I’m using it in all my laptops for working on the go.