Soundcard Replacement - Solved

I have a new SSL Nucleus (wonderful!) which has, from an interface perspective, replaced my Apogee Duet F/W.

I’ve set up the Nucleus, installed the USB sound card and can record and playback audio.

The issue I have is that even without Cubase 7 open I can still hear (for example) my guitar through the monitors when it’s connected to the nucleus. I expected that I would only hear the input when I have C7 opne, a track selected and the monitor button ‘on’.

Any ideas please? I assume I have set up everything OK (using SSL’s Youtube channel helped!) but the soundcard options are a little out of my sphere of understanding so I’d really appreciate any advice on here.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi terry, nice purchase… :wink:

I would think this is not much to worry about; the Nucleus must have some kind of ‘pass-through’ or Direct-out mode allowing the signal through regardless of whether a DAW host is present or not. The USB soundcard you installed, comes with the Nucleus…? Sorry, not familiar.

In which case, maybe part of your Bank Holiday weekend will be spent with your nose deep in the manual…! :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m not much more help.

Good luck

Thanks Puma0382…

It is indeed the Soundcard that comes with the Nucleus…unfortunately the manual is a little brief.

I’ve tried changes in the input and monitor software windows of the Nucleus sound card but nothing that will allow me to disable anything like a ‘pass-through’

Appreciate the post though.


I’m not gfamiliar at all with Nucleus, but by having a quick look at Nucleus manual, I found the following on page 39:

PS. My apologies to Immortal for posting to C7 forum even though I’m still using C4.

Hi Jarno

No problem I’m not versionist! :laughing: Really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Many thanks for this…I’m afraid the issue was about my understanding of how the Nucleus operates and the soundcard settings :blush:

I have confirmed with people where I bought it (who operate a pro studio) that, as I’m using the USB Soundcard it is apparently completely correct that I hear the output from the SSL pre-amps through the monitors. I’ve now tweaked the soundcard and all is good.

Thanks again.

Just got back in - good to read this Terry; you’re sorted…!

So, I was kinda on the right lines… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What was it you tweaked on the soundcard out of interest…?

(oh, and you could add the ‘solved’ to the subject title of your original post - that way it will show up in the main page…!)


Thanks Puma…here’s the embarrassing truth :blush:

Because I did not understand that the soundcard would operate independently of C7 I was getting a signal from the left monitor on Input 1 (subsequently of course I would get the same from the right monitor on Input2). So…like a bull in a china shop I began changing the sound card monitoring and input settings.

To add to this I had a few ‘kernel panics’ on the iMac I use and needed to replace the USB lead and use an alternative USB slot (I’m hoping that’s sorted) but by now I’d lost the plot!

Anyway thanks for the advice and the replies…a glass of wine beckons! :smiley:

Take care

Moron… :stuck_out_tongue: