Soundcard Suggestions for LE AI Elements 10

I just purchased a Soundblaster Audigy FX sound card recently, but Cubase cannot seem to recognize it at all, no matter what I try to do. Upon further research, I found out I just happened to buy the one sound card where even low latecy generic drivers were not included in the production of this sound card or something like that. Looking to get yet another soundcard that will actually be reocgnized by LE AI 10, thanks!

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As far as I know, Soundblaster doesn’t provide ASIO driver. You can either use ASIO4ALL if you are on Windows or you can use any Audio Device with an ASIO driver. You can choose any Steinberg Audio Device, for example (UR12 is the smallest one).

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What soundcard to buy? It kinda depends what you want, what are your needs, what soundquality you want and how much money you want to spend.
Through the years I’ve tried a lot of different stuff and I’m extremely critical when it comes to sound.
The key to great sound is great converters.
I can recommend PrismSound. They might be more expensive than other cards, but they sound so flower great and they are worth every penny.
I would stay away from Focusrite.


I don’t expect Cubase LE user, who just bought Soundblaster, would need such a great converters. But I might be wrong.

I’m working with virtual instruments only, no audio recording. For me very important is driver stability. From the cheeper segment I would stay away from Lexicon, Tascam, Zoom, Behringer (and yes, Focusrite).